PWI Weekly for March 18, 2021

Welcome to the Latest PWI Weekly

We’re now a full year into the pandemic, as well as the rechristened PWI Weekly newsletter. And, like many of you, I am just itching for things to get back to normal. As I’ve hinted in my magazine column, “From The Desk Of …,” I need to be extra cautious these days—not only due to my own less-than-perfect health (I could stand to lose a few dozen pounds, for one) but because my wife is immunocompromised.

Fortunately, both Megan (my wife) and I were recently able to get our initial vaccines to help protect us against COVID-19. I’m hopeful that many, many people will get vaccinated in the weeks and months ahead. Most importantly, I want it to be safe for all of us to return to our normal lives. And, on a more selfish note, I’d absolutely love to get to watch some live wrestling before this year is over.

Indeed, I haven’t witnessed any wrestling in person since last year’s Elimination Chamber event, which took place just before the pandemic was formally declared. Since then, I’ve made a lot of connections and, dare I say, friendships through this magazine whom I’ve yet to meet in person. I hope to meet them all relatively soon.

This preamble is getting a bit longer than I’d originally intended it to be, so I’ll close by saying this: I hope you and yours are well, and that you’re being as safe as possible. And I hope to run into you at a wrestling show down the road. —Kevin McElvaney

Wrestler Of The Week

Okay, so hear us out. We normally pick one Wrestler of the Week (unless a tag team is chosen). But, this week, we feel compelled to single out two grapplers at once. With the epic, thrilling, and downright brutal “Lights Out” match that main-evented last night’s Dynamite, Thunder Rosa and Dr. Britt Baker proved that the AEW Women’s division deserves a much larger share of the spotlight. All Elite Wrestling has earned its share of criticism—much of it deserved—for not allotting more time for the Women’s division on its flagship show. But this very bloody, yet very compelling battle between two of the top athletes on the roster was as good as (or better than) just about any match we’ve seen on weekly TV this year. Our congratulations to Thunder Rosa for claiming the big victory, and hats off to Britt Baker for excelling, even in defeat. Both of these world-class wrestlers deserve a world of credit.

This Week In Headlines

From The Vault

At a 2012 house show in Trenton, NJ, then-WWE champ CM Punk and Paul Heyman say cheese for photographer Stu Saks. From Brock Lesnar to Punk and now Roman Reigns—and dating back even to his Dangerous Alliance in WCW—“Paul E” certainly has a way of knowing which horses to back. Getting in the good graces of Heyman can be a huge blessing for a wrestler who’s on the cusp of something huge or who simply needs to shake things up (see: Reigns).

A Quick Word About …

After going on an extended hiatus a year ago due to the COVID-19 pandemic—and some strong allegations against certain people within the promotion surrounding wrestling’s #SpeakingOut movement—the NWA returns to pay-per-view this Sunday night with Back for the Attack. And it does so, for the first time since 1987, head to head against a WWE PPV. While the present and the future of the NWA may still have a lot of questions surrounding it, there is no doubt that wrestling and wrestling fans are better off with it still being alive and kicking. And we are excited to see the next chapter of this storied brand unfold.Jason McVeigh

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Just in time for spring, we’re excited to announce two new t-shirt designs, available exclusively through our new storefront at What A Maneuver dot net. These shirts both come in multiple colors and styles (hoodies, long sleeves, and even baby onesies are available). Choose from our MATT BROCK SQUAD design or a rare, yellow-and-pink version of the classic Pro Wrestling Illustrated logo.


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