PWI Weekly for September 1, 2021

Trevor Murdoch, The NWA World heavyweight title, Joey Ace, and Remembering Daffney Unger

As I write this, the wrestling world is once again mourning the loss of a beloved performer. Shannon Spruill, better known to WCW, TNA, and SHIMMER fans as “Scream Queen” Daffney Unger. News of Spruill’s tragic passing comes less than a day after she was displaying concerning, potentially self-harming behavior on Instagram Live.

I did not know Daffney personally, but everyone who did will tell you what a kind, special person she was. She will be dearly missed.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health emergency, you are not alone. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24/7 at 800-273-8255.

Be kind to yourself and others, folks. Life is both short and precious.  —KM

Wrestler Of The Week

It was a newsworthy weekend for the National Wrestling Alliance, which was in need of some good publicity. Highlights included the well-received EmPowerrr women’s wrestling card, new World tag team champions being crowned (the Konnan-touted Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf 450), and Ric Flair making his first on-screen NWA appearance in ages. But, for many observers, the most memorable moment of them all was the crowning of a new World heavyweight champion in Trevor Murdoch.

Since coming out of retirement in 2019 to join the latest incarnation of the NWA, Murdoch has demonstrated a renewed zest for in-ring competition, thriving in the old-school environs offered by the eldest wrestling organization in the U.S. His title defeat of Nick Aldis was a feel-good moment after multiple failed previous attempts. Murdoch shouldn’t rest easy, though—not if he intends to keep the belt around his waist. After ending Aldis’ second world championship reign at 1,043 days, the Missouri-born brawler’s got a target on his back the size of St. Louis.

This Week In Headlines

From The Vault

In the above photo, Daffney applies a dragon sleeperhold on Juventud Guerrera. This was during “The Scream Queen’s” salad days, where she served as a physically capable manager for Crowbar and David Flair. She later defeated Crowbar to become WCW’s second female cruiserweight champion. After WCW folded, Daffney delighted audiences for many years on the independent scene—eventually landing in TNA, where she was introduced to a new generation of fans. Though unable to compete in recent years due to accumulated injuries, she remained close with many of her peers and was seen as a mentor by more than a few women wrestlers.


On the latest episode of FaceTurn, PWI Contributing Writer Candace Cordelia talks to Warriors of Wrestling heavyweight champ Joey Ace about some of his recent rivalries (Mr. Ooh-La-La, Mike Law), how he balances life in the ring with life outside of it, and where he hopes to place in the 2021 PWI “500.”


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