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It would be unfair if it weren't pointed out...that hapless ref is Billy Caputo, former WWF (E) referee and a NY State Athletic Commisioner, who recently passed away in 2020. Billy was the man, and a great guy!!

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Right you are, Daniel! Thank you for taking the time to point this out. We've updated the post to include Billy's name.

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Always happy to contribute!

I met Billy at a local independent show before he retired in 2009. I had no idea that he was acting on behalf of the Athletic Commission, and just thought he was part of the show. There was an incident at the venue with a wrestler who was on the card, who wasn't in good condition to compete. Worse, the individiual was being difficult with the promoter, and caused quite a stir in the locker room. Sadly, that person is no longer with us, however Caputo handled this individual's situation with a grace and dignity I bet most would have treated differently.

He was a good man.

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